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Industrial Gearbox Repair and Manufacturing Center in Bridgewater, NJ

Industrial Gearbox Repair, Rebuilding, and Refurbishing in Bridgewater, New Jersey

In our 160,00 square foot facility based in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Hard Chrome Solutions has quickly and affordably repaired thousands of industrial equipment for all industries in all shapes and sizes. Hard Chrome Solutions has a wide selection of new EXTRUDER, and INDUSTRIAL gearboxes available at a competitive price. This equipment is from prominent original equipment manufacturers.

36-Month Guarantee From Date of Repair

Hard Chrome Solutions is one of the best for hard chrome plating to protect your equipment to run longer in operation with less maintenance and down time. We manufacture new sheet dies, new blown film dies & new gearboxes, as well as extruder and industrial repair.

We have almost every conceivable part in stock (more than 25,000 parts) for quicker turnaround and our work is guaranteed to 36 months from the date of repair.

24-Hour Emergency Gearbox Repair

Hard Chrome Solutions has quickly and affordably repaired thousands of units through the years. Our German trained mechanical engineers are meticulously involved in every project from beginning to end. To better serve you, we work two shifts including Holidays and weekends and offer 24 hours customer service, 7 days a week. We are so sure of our manufacturing capability, that we have stretched the months of guarantee to 36 from the day of installation.

Our emergency repair service team will be dispatched to your location to evaluate the root cause of your machine failure. Moreover, our dispatch emergency service will respond within 30 minutes of your calls or email inquiries.

If you have any questions regarding any other brands, you can reach us by phone or by filling out our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We hope to hear from you soon!



Time-Tested Repair and Rebuilding Quality You Can Depend On

With more than 100 years of combined experience as industrial equipment manufacturers, Hard Chrome Solutions is the leading company for repairing and maintaining equipment in the industry.

From hard chrome plating services to providing repair solutions for gearbox and centrifugal components of your machinery, we can be counted on to provide you with reliable services that will be up to your satisfaction.

Our engineers are fast and experienced and offer complete attention to every task at hand, no matter how big or small.

We offer our services to all industry based clients in Miami, Dallas and Las Vegas.


Eastern Torque Services specializes in the repair, refurbishment and rebuilding of industrial mixing and blending equipment, specialty mixers, and industrial agitators, from laboratory scale to those in excess of 5,000 gallons.

We service mixers for multiple industries, including industrial grade mixers for chemical, plastics, rubber, pigments and sealants industries. Eastern Torque Services also services specialized mixers and equipment for sanitary industries including pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic and food & beverage industries.

We offer welding services, as well as polishing, machining and coatings for rotors. Our expertise allows us to offer rebuilding of industrial mixers from the ground up, and we specialize in manufacturing bronze bushings for any make and model of industrial mixers.


Eastern Torque Services has a full staff of engineers that can quickly repair, refurbish or replace your nonfunctioning screw pump and minimize downtime. Our staff includes full time, factory trained, technically expert pump mechanics to rebuild your screw pumps as soon as we receive them.

Repairing an industrial pump that has been damaged is considerably cheaper than replacing it. Pump casings and impellers can be sand blasted and then coated with specialty materials to extend pump life, improve performance and reduce energy consumption.

Our 60+ years of experience have made us one of the most trusted professional screw pump repair facilities in the industry. Recognized as America's leading source for all your specialty screw pumps repairs, we offer many additional services that will benefit your budget and performance.


Before purchasing a costly or hard to find replacement Extruder Gearbox, let us run the numbers and show you how it is actually much more economical to repair and rebuild your Extruder Gearbox. Not only is your Extruder Gearbox cost lower, our rapid turnaround minimizes pump downtime and disruption to your operating schedule. And because of our advanced engineering process and today’s newer materials we’re able to deliver an Extruder Gearbox that performs significantly better than when it was originally purchased and installed.


Is your cylinder worn out? Rod needs plating? Shell needs to be honed? Consistently needing to replace seals and packing? Look no further here at Eastern Torque Services, we can help you! With our capabilities and trained engineers, we offer large chroming capabilities, large honing, and upgrades and solutions for seals & packing.


Eastern Torque Solutions is a full service machine & industrial plating facility that can handle your most challenging machining problems with the speed and expertise you require, and at cost points that will keep your CFO happy.

With one of the most advanced engineering teams in the industry, and years of hands-on experience behind us, our goal is to help you repair, re-build, maintain and operate your FLSmidth and Fuller-Kinyon™ equipment more efficiently.

Our engineering and support team provides onsite equipment evaluation to identify and quantify problems, and recommends specific areas for cost effective improvements to maximize the performance of your equipment. Repairing an industrial pump or compressor that has been damaged is considerably cheaper than replacing it. Pump casings can be sand blasted and then coated with specialty materials to extend the life of your assets, while improving performance and reducing energy consumption. Screws and rotors are plated or coated with specialty coatings to get them functioning better than brand new.

Eastern Torque Solutions provides custom rebuilds at your site or at one of our conveniently located service centers. We maintain an extensive supply of parts, which enables us to rebuild your equipment to factory specifications quickly and efficiently. We guarantee that your rebuilt equipment will operate as good as, or better than, new. We are so confident in our solutions that we unconditionally guarantee all our work for 24 – 36 months.


Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians have decades of experience with NASH brand pumps so you can be confident that your rebuild will literally perform better then new.

When we receive your worn Nash pump, the first thing we do is evaluate all critical parts to determine what needs to be repaired or replaced to get your pump restored to original specs. We then repair or manufacture the worn parts, re-assemble and extensively test your vacuum pump. High-wear areas can be upgraded for longer life than OEM Specs.

Repairing your Nash pump that has been damaged is almost always less expensive than replacing it. Pump casings and rotors can be sand blasted and then coated with specialty materials to extend pump life, improve performance and reduce energy consumption.

We have an extensive inventory of NASH replacement parts due to the high volume of rebuilds and repairs we complete, so we can deliver your rebuilt pump within days. We proudly stand behind all remanufactured pumps with a 24-36 month warranty.


Population: 46,072

Median Age: 43.6

Median Household Income: $142,707

Number of Households: 16,085

Average Household Size: 2.8

Median House Value: $502,500

Bridgewater Township, located in Somerset County, New Jersey, is a charming and diverse community known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant atmosphere. With a rich history dating back to colonial times, Bridgewater has grown into a thriving suburban town with a perfect blend of modern amenities and natural beauty.

The township offers a wide range of recreational opportunities, including parks, trails, and sports facilities, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts and families. From peaceful nature reserves to bustling community centers, residents and visitors alike can enjoy various activities year-round.

Bridgewater is also a hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment, with a variety of retail centers, restaurants, and cultural venues to explore. The bustling downtown area features a mix of local businesses and national chains, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for all.

Education is a top priority in Bridgewater, with excellent schools and educational institutions catering to students of all ages. The town's commitment to education contributes to its strong sense of community and family-oriented lifestyle.

With its convenient location, easy access to major highways and public transportation, Bridgewater offers a seamless commute to nearby cities, making it an appealing choice for both commuters and those seeking a serene suburban setting.

Overall, Bridgewater NJ is a place where tradition meets progress, creating a warm and welcoming environment for residents to call home. Its strong sense of community, diverse offerings, and natural beauty make it a beloved destination for those seeking a high quality of life in the Garden State.

Data Source: https://censusreporter.org/profiles/06000US3403507720-bridgewater-township-somerset-county-nj/