Gearbox OEM Spare Parts & Replacements

Hard Chrome Solutions offers the most viable gearbox spare parts program in the industry. After more than 60 years in business we have engineering drawings on file for most OEM gears and gearboxes. We save you time and money by reducing downtime, improving performance, increasing productivity and drastically reducing emergency repairs.


  • Review, analyze and recommend a robust & viable spare parts program
  • Existing tooling and drawings for over 100,000 parts
  • Proven product quality, durability and reliability
  • Optional drop-in or performance optimized upgrade designs
  • On-site installation service upon request
  • Expedited emergency field service, analysis and turn-around time and delivery

We Offer Standard or Upgraded Spare Gearbox Parts:

We've delivered OEM spare parts to a wide variety of markets and applications for over six decades. As such, we are able to offer a wide selection of gearing parts. We typically stock over 18,000 parts in house and what we don't have on the shelf we obtain quickly and affordably.

We can provide the exact drop-in part that you need and match any competitive offering. Upon request, we offer enhanced versions of the original part. Reduced risk and increased reliability drop-in replacement part with improved metallurgy and chemistry.

Custom Upgrades:

Drop-in replacement part with improved geometry, metallurgy and hardening for increased performance, durability and reliability.