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Flender Gearbox Repairs & Rebuild Service

Experienced Flender GEARBOX REPAIR Specialists

Hard Chrome Solutions specializes in Flender gearbox rebuilds, repairs, and redesigns. We have been in this business for over decades, and we've seen virtually every type of industrial gear challenge across a wide variety of markets and applications. We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for all your gearing needs, and have the experience to know exactly what to recommend for your gearing application from small repairs to complete rebuilds. We also carry a wide selection of new extruder, and industrial gearboxes available at a competitive price. This equipment is from prominent original equipment manufacturers.

Flender Gearbox Repairs: Even the OEMs come to us!

We repair, re-engineer and sometimes re-invent your Flender gearbox with the latest engineering technology that makes it better than the original. Not one of our competitors has the Flender gearbox repair capabilities you will find at Hard Chrome Solutions .

As the largest milling and turning center in the Northeast, we can handle up to 30 tons of repair capacity. You are welcome to come visit our 60,000 sq. ft. facility, view our gear cutting, grinding, and hard chrome plating equipment, and ask one of our 38 members why we don’t have any competition in our field. Even the OEMs come to us!

24hr Emergency Flender Gearbox Repair & Rebuild

Our 24 hour emergency Flender gearbox repair team will be dispatched to your location to evaluate the root cause of your machine failure. Our teams have vibration and testing tools on every truck to diagnose every part of your Flender gearbox rebuild. Our specialists work two shifts, weekends, holidays, and nights so our shop can stay open 24/7, every day, 365 days a year.

Flender Industrial Gearbox Repair and Rebuild

  • • Flender is a well-known brand that specializes in manufacturing high-quality gearboxes.

  • • Flender gearboxes are recognized for their reliability, durability, and performance.

  • • Flender gearboxes are designed to efficiently transmit power and motion in various industrial applications and are carefully engineered to withstand heavy loads, ensuring smooth operation, and minimizing downtime.

  • • Flender gearboxes are known for their precision and advanced technology and are built with high-quality materials that undergo rigorous testing to meet strict quality standards.

  • • Flender offers a wide range of gearbox options to cater to different industries and applications.

  • • Flender gearboxes provide the necessary torque, speed, and power transmission required for efficient operation.

  • • Flender gearboxes are backed by comprehensive technical support and maintenance services.

  • • Flender brand is reliable, durable, and high-performance gearboxes that are trusted by industries worldwide.

  • • Flender Gearboxes are manufacturers of industrial and maritime gearboxes, catering to a wide range of power applications.

  • • Flender expertise lies in providing gearbox and transmission solutions for industries such as cement, materials handling, rubber and plastics, wind energy, and power generation. .

  • • Flender Gearboxes applications; Mining and Cement, Cranes, Power Generation, Plastics and Rubber, Pulp and Paper, Water and Wastewater, Food and Beverage.

  • • Types of Gearboxes Offered by Flender; Helical Gear Service Units, Bevel-Helical Gear Service Units, Planetary Gear Units like the PLANUREX 3 L and PLANUREX 3XL.