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Leistritz Gearbox Repair and Extruder Gearbox Repair,
Rebuild, and Upgrade

Hard Chrome Solutions has a wide selection of new EXTRUDER, and INDUSTRIAL gearboxes available at a competitive price. This equipment is from prominent original equipment manufacturers.


Hard Chrome Solutions specializes in Leistritz gearbox rebuild, repair and redesign. With over six decades in this business, we've seen almost every type of industrial gear challenge across a wide variety of markets and applications. We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for all your gearing needs, and have the experience to know exactly what to recommend for your gearing application from small repairs to complete rebuilds.

We repair, re-engineer and sometimes re-invent your gearing with the latest engineering technology that makes it better than the original.

Leistriz Extruder Gearboxes

These unique features and benefits make LEISTRITZ gearboxes a reliable choice for industries that require precision, efficiency, durability, and customization in their power transmission systems.

  • • Precision Manufacturing: Leistritz specializes in precision manufacturing, ensuring accurate and high-quality gearboxes.

  • • Customization: .

  • • Advanced Gear Technology: Leistritz incorporates advanced gear technology, such as helical, spur, and planetary gears, to optimize performance and efficiency.

  • • High Torque Capacity: Leistritz gearboxes can handle high torque loads, making them suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications.

  • • Compact and Lightweight Design: These gearboxes feature a compact and lightweight design, allowing for easy integration into various systems and machiner.

  • • Low Noise and Vibration: Leistritz gearboxes are designed to operate quietly with minimal vibration, providing a comfortable working environment.

  • • Efficient Power Transmission: These gearboxes are engineered for high power transmission efficiency, minimizing energy losses and maximizing overall system performance.

  • • Durability and Reliability: Leistritz gearboxes are built with durable materials and undergo rigorous testing, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

  • • Low Maintenance: Leistritz gearboxes require minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and operational cost.

  • • Lubrication System: These gearboxes incorporate efficient lubrication systems to ensure proper lubrication and cooling, enhancing the lifespan of gears and bearings.

  • • Application Versatility: Leistritz gearboxes are suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing.

  • • Technical Expertise: Leistritz has extensive technical expertise in gearbox manufacturing, providing reliable and high-quality solutions.

  • • Innovation and R&D: Leistritz focuses on continuous innovation and research and development, incorporating the latest technologies and advancements into their gearboxes.

  • • Trusted Brand: Leistritz has a trusted reputation in the industry, known for delivering high-performance gearboxe.

  • • Industry Experience: With years of experience, Leistritz has a deep understanding of industry requirements and can deliver solutions tailored to specific needs.