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All About Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

industrial hard chrome platingIndustrial hard chrome plating offers unique properties which result in numerous benefits upon application. This particular plating style provides excellent hardness and lubrication, making it a premium engineering choice.

Hard chrome plating is utilized in a number of industries to reduce friction, prevent galling and minimize wear. At Hard Chrome Solutions, we offer premium plating services for all your industrial equipment.

But why is chromium plating preferred in most cases to other metallic plating materials? It is because the physical and chemical properties of chromium ensure high protection and optimum performance.

How our hard chrome plating service helps

We offer chromium plating for both worn and new machine parts. These surface finishes are mainly used for extruder screws, blown films and sheet dies. It helps build up the lost metal so the parts can revert to their original tolerances. It also improves the durability of various parts.

Chrome plating is also used for improving the durability of various industrial equipment components. For instance, in the printing industry, copper engraved cylinders and plates are plated with chromium to improve both wear and corrosion resistance.

Furthermore, most of the oil exploration and production machineries are plated with hard chrome in order to extend their service life. Hydraulic equipment also utilizes hard chrome plating, improving service life in corrosive environment.

Unique properties of hard chrome plating

Its popularity in industrial settings is mainly attributed to a rather unique combination of properties. Most importantly, chromium offers excellent hardness, wear resistance, adhesion, non-wetting quality and low friction coefficient.

It is this combination of properties which makes hard chrome plating the best industrial solution. Our chrome plating services ensure long lasting protection against wear and corrosion, and also improve performance of various parts.

Furthermore, stripping and re-plating hard chrome several times is easy and quick.

Where is it used in the industry?

industrial hard chrome platingHard Chrome Solutions mainly offers chrome and other surface finishes for extruder screws, blown film dies, rings, spirals, pins, cylinders, pistons, mandrels, shafts, heads, plate molds and sheet dies and several other parts.

It is also used for other equipment components in a growing number of industries. Major applications include:

• Shock absorbers, pistons and several other parts in automotive industry which go through high number of cycles during a particular time period are plated to increase lubricity and durability.

• In the firearm industry, interiors of gun barrels are often plated with hard chrome.

• Landing gear components in aerospace industry are hard chrome plated in both MRO and OEM applications. Aluminum piston heads are also plated to increase performance with minimal weight.

• Machine tools such as drills, dies, taps, extrusion screws and rolls are also plated with hard chrome. This improves their performance as well as extends their life.

• Hard chrome plating applied to gears prevents galling and increases life of gears in low-friction applications.

• Plating also restores worn parts in order to salvage various parts of equipment. This helps bring mismatched parts of a machine into tolerance and restore worn parts to original dimensions.

• Plastic molds, when plated with hard chrome, provide anti-stick or release properties to plastic molds in various industries.

Our hard chrome plating services offer excellent return in terms of life extension and performance support. We also offer industrial gearbox rebuilding and gear manufacturing services. Call us right away to avail these services! We’re looking forward to working with you!

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